Hear The Excitement

Nothing livens up an event or a party like a great band!  

Alex Garibay & Tejano Knights aka What is HIP?

What is Hip?

Is a professional cover band that truly brings a sense of energy to any event 

Congratulations to Alex Garibay

for being Inducted into The Tejano Hall of Fame Class of 2016

A Musical Groove

Infectious with their stage performance, the Band is riveting in everyway a good band should be.

Working  the crowd and pumping out one great

song after another.I\

Listen to music clips a you browse through our website:

Let’s Groove …. Estoy Sentado Aqui …. Guajira …. Por Esa Calle Vive

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Alex Garibay 

Tejano Knights aka What is Hip?

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